a seed of sunflower.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Was that enough to bend my knees?

No way.
I took TOEFL exam which is adopted for foreign English speaker such as me.
I need the highest score to enter a graduate school where I would like.
As I intended to attain the score, or 250p.(which is 300 in total) at least.
But how come I'd take just 15 points on listening section?
Although I could see what they are saying next to perfect.
I'd admit there was 2 or 3 idioms which was intelligible for me but, I'd swear that was not my score.

I'll prove it next time and attain the score.

Long time no see.

I'm writing this coming back from much long absence.

I took toefl exam today, of which result is detestabe.
I say no way for 15 points on listning section.
Never be. May i ascribe the result on my scatterbrain?
Anyway, I found my weakness again, Ill pay back one next time.

By the way, I was surprised by the news of suicide of Milosevic.
I should have watch the documentary which was on air yesterday.

I have to write more often with much more precision.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Time is elusive.

easily wasted.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This may too much for just speaking.

Some say most mental illness is caused by linguistic problem.
As a person's logical scrutiny leads him inward of it (like a stairs continuing in square, he walking downward), getting puzzeld and trappped in it.

Same thing as that, saturated with the mother language, people become unable to look or think things on any way other than the reasoning reflecting the characteristic of its language.
Like, Japanese preferes to say adverbs (or such phrase) as he describe the reason of the facts as for excuses.
And they tends to hide the actual cause and effect. And the story he tells is often heard as if vismajor even if the result was rendered as a corollary of his own choice or failure (actually sometimes an obsession serves as a cause of suicide, like "I have to go to school although I am being cheated by classmates otherwise I would never get a job, the end of the world." He can choose not to go school. He can ran away from the real if he can not stand.)

in any case, recognition of reality on the enunciation of acertain language, must divide the reality on the rule of grammer.

reasoning primary,
subject is secondary,
tertiary the object,
the action what actually delibered at last.

subject first,
behavior second,
I have no time to hear your reason.

it's still difficult to describe. But it is the component of language, awareness (probably perception), mind, heart, but soul.
We are losing our soul as our heart grows. That's the same we are losing purity.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I've got too much assignments again.

i have to turn in a paper assignment each Tuesday and Thursday till the end of the semester.
it's killing us... they lost their words when the prof. told us about that. She must be out of mind.
i'll never have a time for sleep and jxxxing till the end of the semester.
wooooooooo. anyway i'll work on that.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I built this blog to interact with my friends.
i have some Japanese blog though, had no chance to have a blog for my international friends.
I am afraid that I may not be attractive. But the contents should be improve as I keep writing it.

Anyway I have nothing to write today, I'll speak to you later.